Witness Center for Citizen’s Rights and Social Development


Palestinian civil organization, recently established in 2014. Following two years of continuous work in the form of social initiatives, targeting marginalized community groups and seeking to attain citizen’s rights on rights and duties, social justice and equality basis. Numerous activities were conducted, including educational days, with the contributions of the local community and youth. Witness Center aims to: – Gathering the community leaders and public opinion towards the issues of marginalized groups in Palestinian community such as women, workers, youth and children. – Training and rehabilitation of community leaders and leaders of public opinion in the area of citizenship ,theater, human library and enhance their knowledge and skills in this context.


NEL MONDO ( Italy )

AICEM – Associazione Italiana per la Cooperazione e l’Educazione nel Mondo – is a non-profit, youth organization composed of more than 30 active volunteers whose main aim is promoting participatory forms of cooperation, which benefit from collaboration and partnerships between the civil society and local, national, European and International organizations, to implement processes of development, which respect cultural diversity while preserving local peculiarities. AICEM’s vision is a world where youth can develop freely their competencies, skills and personality to be fully involved in their social reality and in order to become dynamic actors of their community. Following this path, the main purpose of AICEM’s mission has become spreading a culture of cooperation, active citizenship and social inclusion through the active involvement of youth in projects and activities aiming to implement new cultural and social models, where everyone can recognize and respect human rights. AICEM has identified two main target groups for its activities. The first one consists of children from zero to 14 years old, while the second one is made of youth from 15 to 30 years old. Contemporarily, targets of the organization are volunteers, youth workers and instructors who work in the youth field. In order to achieve its objectives, AICEM has based its work on three main tools, deeply interconnected: local cooperation projects, education and trainings and international exchanges. By using these channels, the organization has promoted activities related to four macro-areas: • Sustainable development • Health, sport and healthy lifestyles • Human rights, Citizenship and Participation • Integration and Social Inclusion In the field of human rights and social inclusion, the pool of trainers of the association have many years of experience in the implementation of residential and online courses on Human rights education and on the use of ICT tool to promote social inclusion (the most recent one we implemented in Italy and UK). The organization, also, promotes activities aiming to provide social assistance and to enhance the inclusion of disadvantaged young people within their communities. Furthermore, AICEM’s volunteers take part to the implementation of educational projects, such as training courses, seminars and workshops related to the above-mentioned areas



ASES (Acción Social, Educación y Salud) was born with the aim of responding to the social and educational needs that are perceived in the province of Alicante. The constant work with the youth is based on the idea of a better future of the population, looking for a more open, happy and healthy society. In this sense, programs of inclusion, equality, addictive behaviors, sexual diversity, citizen participation and connecting people with opportunities of our environment are developed. For years, ASES has collaborated with other associations participating in these programs, but for the first time, they will have the chance to reach directly young people who wish to be trained in transnational and international programs.