Learning For Change


“Learning for Change” Foundation is established by experts in the field of education, training and project activities. The main motivation of the team for the establishment of the Foundation is to combine in one organization their long experience in international youth work, youth policy, project activities and non formal learning. The team of experts and professionals behind the organization work actively together in the field of youth work at national and international level for years. The team of the Foundation consists of international trainers (SALTO, HRDC), Project Coordinators (EEA, GEF, Erasmus +, LLP, YiA, ESF, etc.), experts in the field of youth policy (National Youth Council) and psychologists. Shared values among the team of the Foundation are: solidarity, social justice, the right to education and training, mutual cooperation, intercultural and interreligious dialogue, public and personal responsibility, peace and sustainable development. Foundation aims relevant to this project: • Development and promotion of core values, civil society and its participation in public life; • Improvement of the quality and the access youth to training services based on Non-formal education; • Promotion of social inclusion, personal development and professional realization of young people with fewer opportunities; • Promotion of online learning and access to training and resources based on the Internet.

Foundation main activities