She APRIL 2022
A workshop for women in Tataouine to educate them about women rights,activism and positive local change . The workshop gathered 20 local women from different ages and backgrounds and the workshop led by a local youth worker where she had the opportunity to practice the gained skills and knowledge during the TC.
Raise up her voice May 2022
In the framework of Euro-med girl power supported by the Erasmus program, AVER association has organized a local competition for local artists and talents in Medenine to express their perspectives on the issues of women rights and gender equality. This event was in a "fun ville" cultural space. The goal of the event was to raise awareness about women rights and gender equality through arts in Medenine Tunisia. This event included 12 local artists (10 women and 2 men) and their paintings were published through social media to raise awareness about the topics and provide the opportunity for public vote .
Awareness of teens April 2022
A workshop at Monastery of Barria school for teenagers (13/14 years old) and their teachers . The workshop was an opportunity to present the Erasmus+ programme, the outputs of the TC in Tunisia and open discussion about human rights and gender equality in Spain and worldwide .
Local activities - GIRL POWER –Palestine

The "EUROMED GRL PWR" project's partner organization, Witness, played a significant role in fulfilling the primary hoped-for goal. By putting into practice a number of initiatives aimed at fostering young women's creative and innovative potential in order to combat social exclusion and unemployment and to support more equal opportunities to participate in education and the labor market as an investment in the development of the entire society. The Witness team focused on three primary areas throughout the project's phase of local activity implementation, beginning with a workshop on "The Status of Working Women in the Palestinian Labor Law" that took place on April 27 in Nablus at An-Najah National University. Since no one discusses this crucial subject, it was essential to hold a workshop on the situation of working women under Palestinian labor law. Therefore, the main goal was to increase awareness of and educate graduates—especially female graduates—about labor rules. Since the project is focused on empowering women, defending their rights, and achieving independence, this activity's major goal is to teach these young women about their rights, responsibilities, and how to deal with people who try to violate the law or take advantage of them at work. The outcome of this activity was to empower women to take charge of their financial independence and provide them with support as they grow their careers. It was also expected to increase awareness about labor regulations in Palestine and contribute to their change. Along with the execution of the aforementioned activity, Witness launched the "Girl Power campaign," which set out to spread the three key ideas of the project across three videos. The first video highlighted the professional side of women's empowerment, the second addressed activism and social participation, and the final one touched on the project's personal growth component. The campaign's primary objectives were to use social media to influence the three key ideas of the project; raise awareness of these delicate yet crucial issues, and assist those without access by giving them a platform through which to speak. The campaign's major outcome was to empower young women by demonstrating their inner strength and encouraging them to speak out against harmful gender stereotypes that society imposes on them. Another activity was implemented, covering the "Gender Based Violence from a Legal Perspective" aspect at the Witness center's office in Nablus, with a target audience of 20 Palestinian women. This training was implemented to ensure that all aspects of the project were touched by the local activities held in Palestine by Witness team within the project. The training aimed to strengthen the targeted women's capacity to play more influential roles as women leaders in their communities, as well as to provide them with legal knowledge to address the challenges posed by gender-based violence. The primary outcome of the training was to increase Palestinian women's legal literacy, particularly with Palestinian law and international agreements to end gender-based and violence against women. In addition to recognizing the challenges that women confront, participants engaged in group work and collaborative discussion to offer various points of view. The participants emphasized how much the training had helped them and how it had improved their understanding of the laws that apply to women in Palestine. They also indicated their desire to take part in future training of this significance. All these great efforts are designed and implemented by all the partner organizations in the hope of achieving the project's purpose and helping to make a change. The steps and phases of the project will be followed by the development of an educational platform, on personal transversal skills, entrepreneurial skills, and civic/democratic capabilities. This educational platform will be of added value to all the organizations involved, representing a replicable and responsive tool at their disposal. which all organizations will assist in supplying the necessary materials. In this view, empowering women entails beginning to create societies that are more stable and sustainable, which will also have an effect on the migration movement since young people who have established lives in their nations will stay put.
March 2022 An online meeting presented by the Italian participant to present the project GRL PWR and disseminate TC skills . The main aim of our online meeting was to suggest and disseminate methodologies of non-formal education to be used for the local activities
March 2022
A workshop with a Spanish group was implemented in Sassari (Italy) to present the project GRL PWR , to increase awareness about gender equality in their local area and give them the keys for starting a change.
March 2022
A workshop presented by the Italian participants to present the project GRL PWR, to motivate them for making a change and improving its own leadership and to reflect on the gender gap in the leadership context . ur.